Bovine Serum Albumin

With more than 70 years’ of manufacturing expertise, BIOFAC is a reliable supplier of various BSA grades in bulk quantities to loyal customers around the world.

BIOFAC BSA in a variety of laboratory applications

Proteins tend to stick non-specifically to most surfaces. This is due to its natural charge and hydrophilicity/ hydrophobicity. Working with antibodies, minimizing the non-specific binding is crucial to avoid a high level of noise in a variety of laboratory analyses. In order to do this, a large amount of non-reactive protein such as BSA is added to samples to coat non-specific protein binding sites.

The large difference of concentration between BSA and the antibody, as well as the specificity of the antibody towards the antigen, makes most of the antibody to associate with its antigen, thereby providing a good signal with minimal non-specific binding or noise.

In western blotting, where the polypeptides are separated by gel electrophoresis, and thereafter detected by specific antibodies, BSA is used to block the non-specific binding of the antibodies.

For ELISA detecting of proteins, BSA is used as a blocking agent or to prevent antibodies binding to the microtiter well.

BSA is also commonly used to determine the quantity of other proteins, by comparing an unknown quantity of protein to known amounts of BSA, for instance in Bradford Protein Assay.

BIOFAC BSA as a nutrient in cell and microbial culture

Albumin has a long track record in design of media for culture of mammalian cells, in both the research and the commercial fields. The physico-chemical, as well as the cell-specific properties of the BSA molecule, makes it an important element of the extracellular fluid. BSA interacts with numerous bioactive factors that influence the growth of cells in culture: hormones, growth factors, lipids, amino acids, metal ions, and nitrogen. BSA acts as a powerful antioxidant in cell culture by binding reactive oxygen.

Storage and Stability

It is stable at room temperatures for several months and can be shipped throughout the world at
Regulatory Compliance
ambient temperatures without any damages ever reported. However, for long-term storage, the product must be kept under cool, dry conditions, as moisture can affect the shelf life of the product. Re-
Regulatory Compliance
test date is 2 years from a date of production.

Serum Albumin Molecular Structure

Albumin comprises about half of serum protein. Albumin is synthesized in the liver as prepro-albumin. Bovine serum albumin (also known as BSA or “Fraction V”) is a serum albumin protein isolated from cows. BIOFAC produces various BSA grades for use in immunology, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

ELISA is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, where a solid-phase is used to detect the presence of a substance (usually an antigen) in a liquid sample.

In biological laboratories BSA is used as nutrient in cell and microbial culture.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Manufactured at GMP plant under the strictest quality and environmental regulations.
  • Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Danish EPA) has made a categorization of BIOFAC as to an instruction
    No. 6 of 2004 on Differential Environmental Review and assessed that BIOFAC is placed in Category 1 (the best
    category) because of the high level of systematism and high level of regulatory compliance.
  • Danish Working Environment Authority has assigned BIOFAC with a green Smiley, indicating that BIOFAC has no
    issues with the Working Environment Authority, providing a high level of health and safety.
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