BIOFAC supplies a pharmaceutical grade of the GMP-certified and virus validated Pepsin and a technical grade of Pepsin, in Powder or Liquid form.

BIOFAC Pepsin in Digestive Formulations

Application of BIOFAC Pepsin in digestive formulations is based on the pepsin’s ability to denaturize proteins in the food and hereby to facilitate digestion.

BIOFAC Pepsin has found its application in formulations indicated for irritable colon and dyspeptic disorders, as belching, bloating, postprandial fullness, epigastria and abdominal pain. When applied in formulations indicated for improving quality of life in functional dyspepsia patients, pepsin is sometimes combined with other digestive enzymes.

BIOFAC Pepsin for Trichinella control of pork meat

BIOFAC supplies Pepsin Powder and Pepsin Liquid for use by pig slaughterhouses’ in-house laboratories, private laboratories and other institutes carrying out Trichinella control of fresh pork.

BIOFAC Pepsin Liquid is approved by EU for Trichinella control. It has a great advantage of eliminating allergic reactions originating from the dust formations.

The product is available with minimum activity of 660 u / ml.

Since the introduction of Regulation (EC) 2075/2005, all export swine within European Union must be systematically sampled and post-mortemexamined for Trichinella. A digestion assay with pepsin is the recommended procedure for the detection of Trichinella larvae by the International Commission on Trichinellosis (ICT) and a documented standard in the European Union, Canada and elsewhere,1 and thereby the prescribed test for international trade.

1 Canadian Food Inspection Agency, 2010; European commission, 2005

BIOFAC Pepsin Powder grades

BIOFAC Pepsin powder grade is available in undiluted form with activity of up to approximately 4.0 Ph. Eur. u/mg. By adding Lactose or other appropriate diluents, we can adjust the activity of BIOFAC Pepsin, supplying a variety of the grades complying with all major Pharmacopoeias, i.e. grades as:

1:3.000 NF; 1:10.000 NF; 1:15.000 NF;

0.5 Ph.Eur. u/mg; 2.0 Ph.Eur. u/mg;

2.5 Ph.Eur. u/mg.

Storage and stability

BIOFAC Pepsin in powder form will remain stable almost indefinitely provided it is stored well protected from light, heat and moisture in tightly sealed containers.

When brought into solution, pepsin is easily and irreversibly denatured at pH values higher than 6.0 and temperatures exceeding 70°C.  In aqueous solutions pepsinis most stable at a pH-range of 5.0-5.5

Pepsin function

Pepsin is an enzyme, which attacks nearly all kinds of native and denatured proteins. BIOFAC Pepsin is manufactured from porcine stomach linings. Porcine pepsin A is found in the stomach of pigs, and it is very similar to pepsin presented in the human stomach. The pepsin is released by the stomach following the ingestion of food by the organism so that the proteins in the food can be broken down and eventually turned into energy.

BIOFAC Pepsin in digestive formulations

BIOFAC can supply GMP-certified Pepsin, powder grade, with proteolytic activity suitable for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical digestive finished formulations.

BIOFAC Pepsin for Trichinella control

Pepsin digestion assay to detect Trichinella larvae is the prescribed test for international trade of pork meat. A description of this method can be found in Regulation (EC) 2075/2005

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