Company History – How it all started…

BIOFAC A/S is an innovative company with almost 70 years’ manufacturing expertise in supplying natural bulk ingredients to our customers within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries worldwide.
Creation of high quality products is our pride and priority. All our five factories are located in Denmark – a country with possibly the strictest medicinal and veterinary authorities in the world. In terms of sales and market presence, we are a truly international company finding inspiration in different parts of the world and supplying our products worldwide.
We believe that personal relationships are key to our success. BIOFAC A/S´s open and friendly corporate culture promoting freethinking and innovation, as well as our focus on the establishing long-term close relationships with our customers and suppliers, determine our success as a company.

In 2015 Biofac Japan – a subsidiary of BIOFAC A/S has been established with a primary purpose of handling BIOFAC’ A/S´s business in Japan. With regional presence and local expertise, we are able to stay close to our expanding customer base in Japan. We see significant potential for our business in Japan, enhancing the business for existing products and developing new innovative products in close cooperation with our customers.
For more details on Biofac Japan and product information in local language, kindly visit www.biofac.co.jp.

In 2010 a successful spin-off of BIOFAC A/S Esbjerg factory took place. In BIOFAC A/S Esbjerg we developed a unique and successful technological process for Chondroitin Sulfate without usage of organic solvents.
Since then all BIOFAC A/S factories have been certified with cGMP. BIOFAC A/S achieved a turnover growth of about 25 % during 2010-2015. We expanded our staff by more than 10% during the same period, where especially the R&D department, the QC department, and our analytical laboratories increased in number of employees.

Company History – How it all started…

The very beginning of our company was back in 1950, where a major meat packer, Vigo Østergaard had a vision of using slaughterhouse offal for the production of more valuable products. For this purpose, Vigo Østergaard started a production of Lung Heparin for LEO Pharmaceuticals as well as Plasma powder for animal feeds.

After a management buy-out, BIOFAC A/S was founded 1955 as an independent company. The basic idea was to use nature’s own raw materials for the production of active ingredients mainly for the pharmaceutical industry as well as sophisticated basic ingredients for nutraceuticals. During the following years, active ingredients such as Intrinsic Factor and Stabilized Rumen Extract® were developed. These highly successful ingredients led to the development of a complete group of animal-based products as well as to the development of the laxative, Lactulose, produced at our Danipharm plant.

In 1984 BIOFAC A/S, Ejby was established in the modern dairy plant of Ejby Mejeri. In this plant, BIOFAC produces a variety of products based on animal glands. The plant is extremely flexible, which often enables us to customize the quality of our products to suit the exact needs of our individual clients. Among others products, the plant produces Hem Iron, Liver Hydrolysates, and Caviar Collagen.
BIOFAC A/S, Ejby holds a cGMP Compliance of a Manufacturer by Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

In 1987 BIOFAC A/S took over Orthana Kemisk Fabrik, which was founded in 1934 by the Mørch family. Through the 50’s and 60’s the focus turned more and more towards specialising the production, concentrating on 3 major areas, Pepsins, Peptones, and Mucins.
During the 80’s and 90’s innovative measures brought purified versions of mucin, resulting in the artificial saliva formulation, Saliva Orthana®, specially designed peptones, and high activity pepsins. Saliva Orthana® is now a registered Medical Device. These products along with a range of Placenta Extracts and Chicken Collagen are now the foundation of the Orthana product line.
Orthana is located in Kastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark along with our administration premises. Orthana holds a cGMP Compliance of a Manufacturer by Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

In 1988, the BIOFAC A/S group of companies acquired a chemical factory in Northern Jutland, Denmark. A lot of new equipment and machinery was installed and in August 1989 Danipharm A/S started a production of Lactulose Concentrate. Today Danipharm A/S is a completely modern, effective and well-functioning production unit, inspected and approved by the US FDA, as well as by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (holds a cGMP certificate). Danipharm A/S supplies Lactulose in bulk form.

The superior modern production lines of PharmaDan A/S are situated in Østerbølle, Jutland, Denmark, and designated for filling and packing of liquid products. PharmaDan A/S is approved by the Danish Health Authority with both certificate of cGMP compliance of a Manufacturer and the Manufacturer’s Authorization. PharmaDan A/S offers filling and packing of Lactulose, Lactulose related products, and other liquid products on contract manufacturing basis.

In 2005, BIOFAC A/S decided to move the existing production facilities for Thrombin to a completely modernized building in Kastrup. Here BIOFAC A/S Kastrup was established producing the pharmaceutical enzymes Thrombin and Fibrinolysin (Bionuclease®). Both these completely new production lines are cGMP approved by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

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