Raw Material:
Peptic digest of animal tissue

Raw Material:
Porcine or bovine proteins from animals controlled by an official veterinarian and found fit for human consumption. Bovine raw materials are obtained solely from countries recognized as having a negligible /or controlled BSE-risk in accordance with OIE, Chapter 11.5 of the Terrestrial Code.


Peptone is a protein derivative that is formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins under acidic conditions. It is not coagulated by heat and is soluble in water. 

Peptone contains polypeptides and amino acids and it provides a readily available source of nitrogen and minerals for the growth of bacteria.


Orthana’s peptones are used in culture media to grow different kinds of microorganisms.

Peptones are well suited for media with blood for haemolytic studies (pneumococci, streptococci). It is a constituent for Voges-Proskauer Substrate, Sabouraud Substrate, Moellers KSGN Broth, Moellers Decarboxylase Test Medium.

Peptones are also used as a nutrient for industrial fermentation (e.g. vaccine production) especially to overcome the so-called lag-phase.

Orthana’s peptones are available as spray dried powders packed in 50 kilo-fiber drums with a double PE bag. It is also available in a syrup form with approx. 70% solids, packed in plastic drums of approx. 250 kilos net.

Storage and Stability

Peptones should be stored in their original and tight containers at a cool and dry place. Please note that peptone is a very hygroscopic product, which easily absorbs humidity from the air.

If stored as described above the shelf life of Peptone in powder form is 3 years from date of production. The shelf life for Peptone Extract in liquid form is 2 years from date of production.

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