BIOFAC A/S with its +130 employees has developed into an innovative and pioneering group, where our products are in demand worldwide.

We are a customer driven company and we treasure a close dialogue with our customers when developing products. Our expertises range widely and our dedicated development team consists of scientists, development chemists and a group of specialists in the field of raw materials, QA/QC and sales/marketing etc.

In addition, we have two in-house laboratories with skilled Technicians located respectively on Zealand and North Jutland and on all our five factories in Denmark we have GMP experienced Process Operators.

Furthermore, we have colleagues who work with shipping, administration/HR, finance etc.


In Biofac, our most valuable resource is our many dedicated employees.

We focus on knowledge sharing across different groups. This creates momentum among the employees, gives them an increased understanding of the company’s business objectives, and creates an enduring fighting spirit.

We have a strong professional working environment where knowledge sharing and teamwork based on the individual’s skills are key values for our work and product development. We have a flat organizational structure where there is a short path from idea to action, and where each employee is offered many different challenges and therefore quickly can building up a large portion of responsibility.

At the core of our value lies a wish to strengthen BIOFAC A/S existence and the wish to preserve the pioneer spirit, which triggers the desire in our employees to continue wanting to create and develop new products for our customers.


Being a company in growth, we attract bright minds and we are always looking for new dedicated and professional colleagues. If there are no available positions for your specific profile, you are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application by email to: . Please note what kind of job in the subject field. All unsolicited applications will be saved for 6 months and thereafter deleted from our database due to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

You are also welcome to follow us on our Linkedin company profile where we regularly share vacancies with our followers. 


 When we receive your application, you will be sent a conformation mail in return. Our HR department will make sure, that the right Head of Department receives you application. After the application deadline, the Head of Department and HR Partner will select all qualified candidates and make a short list. 

All applications will be treated confidentially. 


Once the Head of Department and HR Partner have made the short list, the interview process can begin.
As a selected candidate, you will be invited to a personal interview. Here you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself on a personal level and tell us, why this job is meant for you.
Once the interviews have been completed, we will evaluate the short list again, along with our interview notes. Hereafter we will choose 2-3 candidates from the short list and invite them to a second interview. At this point, we will also obtain references by phone, if the candidate consents.

We are looking forward hearing from you.


Kevin Kulchaeng, BIOFAC’s youngest Mechanical Engineer:

Why did you choose BIOFAC as your workplace?

BIOFAC A/S is a dynamic workplace which I like. I work at PT group (Process Technical) as mechanical engineer with the experts from difference fields, who have significant experiences – this is a great challenge for me as a relatively new graduated engineer.

At BIOFAC A/S you get to hold a great responsibility almost right from the start. You can feel the expectations, trust and the most important, being part of the team. Under these circumstances, it allows me to develop my professional and personal competences.

BIOFAC A/S has a very special work culture, very free and relaxing. The atmosphere is almost like at home or in a classroom. Everybody knows everybody. I guess, it is because of the size of BIOFAC A/S as a company. The employees have the chance to get to know one another.

The greatest experience is not, how to make it works, but what to do when it is not working or the plan does not work. I would say that BIOFAC A/S is a very dynamic workplace and a workplace for everybody.

If you are up for challenges, want to be the best at what you do and be trained by the best in the natural bulk ingredients industry, I will highly recommend BIOFAC A/S as your workplace.

Come and join us.

Kevin Kulchaeng, youngest and amazing Mechanical Engineer at BIOFAC A/S