Prostate Extract (GMP)

BIOFAC Prostate extracts is a natural and effective ingredient for drugs and food supplements indicated for regulation and support of the prostatic function.

BIOFAC Prostate Extract has found its application in the pharmaceutical products indicated for treatment of acute and chronic Prostatitis, and for use before and after surgical intervention of the prostate gland. BIOFAC Prostate Extract nutraceutical grade can be applied in health food supplements aimed on the regulating the urinary system and maintaining a healthy prostate function.

BIOFAC Prostate Extract is manufactured from prostate glands from bulls and bull-calves that have reach virility. The prostate glands undergo a special extraction process developed by our company, which allows for preserving a biological activity in the product; no alcohol or other organic solvents are used during the production process.

BIOFAC Prostate Extracts is available in water soluble powder form.