Liver Health

In the field of Liver Therapy BIOFAC offers following products

Liver Extract

Our Liver Extract NF is manufactured from finely minced frozen livers. The raw livers used for our production are obtained only from slaughterhouses, which are under permanent veterinary control. Liver Extract NF contains the soluble thermolabile fraction of mammalian livers that is capable of stimulating the production of red blood cells.

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Liver Hydrolysate

It is common for most gastrointestinal disorders and digestive conditions that the bowel looks normal but does not work properly. The liver performs many essential functions related to digestion and to the gastrointestinal track, e.g. synthesis of bile. BIOFAC Liver Hydrolysate is manufactured from livers of healthy animals by a special lenient process preserving all essential qualities of liver. This makes it suitable for application in oral supplements aiming to enhance liver function and facilitate digestion.

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Liver Powder

Biofac’s Desiccated Liver NF is manufactured from finely minced, frozen livers. All livers have been subject to governmental veterinary control and only livers from such animals that were found fit for human consumption are used in our production. We only use raw materials from countries that are accepted by our local veterinary authorities as well as by the USDA as free from BSE.

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