Latin Name
Cor siccatum

Raw Material
Porcine or bovine hearts from animals controlled by an official veterinarian and found fit for human consumption. Bovine raw materials are obtained solely from countries recognized as having a negligible /or controlled BSE-risk in accordance with OIE, Chapter 11.5 of the Terrestrial Code.


The heart is mostly a brown coloured muscle, responsible for the blood circulation in the body. However, the heart is also special tissue concerned with the initiation and propagation of the heartbeat, the sinual-artrial node and the artrio-ventricular node.

The heart muscle is not only longitudinally striated as all muscles are, but has to some extent also transverse striation. The muscle fibers of the arteria behave as a syncytium as do those of the ventricles.

Heart Powder is produced from the heart muscle and is sold as a defatted lyophilised, vacuum-dried or spray-dried powder or in form of various extracts.


The heart muscle – the raw material of Heart Powder – is very rich in Phosphor and Iron, Cytochrom C, and Superoxide Dismutase. For these reasons the Heart Powder is used to stimulate the heart, to revitalise the blood pressure and against Anaemia.

Storage and Stability

Should be stored in original and tight containers at room temperature (not exceeding 25 C).

Expiry date is 2 years from date of production if stored as advised above.

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